CELNICS applies electronic and communication technologies based on power line communication technology to the welding equipment field of shipbuilding and plant.R & D company.

Ability to Design

Industrial Controller
  • Temperature/ Humidity Controller
  • Agricultural Electronic Heater Controller
  • Backfilter Timer for a dust collector
  • Wireless Remote control for Crane
Micro-processor Application Development
  • MICROSHIP (PIC) Application Development
  • 8051, AVR Application Development
  • FPGA, PAL, GAL Application Development
  • DSP, Image Processing
Circuit Development and PCB Artwork
  • Analog, Digital Circuit Design
  • Power line Communication Application Circuit Design
  • Interface Board Development
  • RS-232, 485 Communication Interface
  • ORCAD, MENTOR Tool Utilization Design
Electronic Units for Ships
  • Automatic Identification System for Ships
  • Window Heater Controller for Ships
  • Digital Earthmeter
  • Battery Charger
  • RADAR Application Development
Mobile/USN Solution
  • Infrared TAG Solution
  • RFID Solution
  • GPS-based Solution