CELNICS applies electronic and communication technologies based on power line communication technology to the welding equipment field of shipbuilding and plant.R & D company.


As welcoming new things always means accepting changes, we thought that we had to prepare for the future with an advanced view than the others. Rather than wasting time trying to follow the path the others have already constructed, e believe that inventing new things that no one had tried before is the mission lying ahead of us.

With these values in mind, we brought to the world the newest products like CO2 welding machine power line, remote control board, CO2 welding machine main transformer protection channel, Korea’s first 32bitMCU loaded main board for CO2 welding machine.

These are the crucial products used for welding equipment that include new systems with electronic communication technology that allows increased performance and decreased cost.
But, we do not think that these are the rewards for the things that our company achieved.

We believe that this is an encouragement that allows us to delve more into the study to provide more convenience and efficiency products for the consumers.

Not only this, but we also plan to construct a corporation that advertises superiority of Korean technology and that revives national welding technology industry and leads world’s welding industry by discovering strategic partners with excelling welding-related manufacturing technology. Our ultimate goal is to construct our dream, WELDPARK, that works as a ground for welders’ technology, exchanging information and selling products.

Oh Woo Yong