Celnix applies electronic and communication technologies based on power line communication technology to the welding equipment field of shipbuilding and plant.R & D company.

Institute of Technology

Institute of Technology of Celnics has invented “CO2 Welding Machine’s 2-line controller” as the first result of the project since the establishment in 2008 and earned presidential award in2008 Korean Invention Patent Competition. Such research activity, based on the slogan of “Choice and Concentration”, is a splendid achievement with 2 researchers and is experiencing awakening period.

Celnics will be a Technology Creator group that creates new values for mankind by becoming a laboratory that can provide trustworthy products and technology through advancement skills and variety of products.

Power Control · Designed SCR Phase Control and Feedback Circuit
· Designed IGBT Drive and Rippled Controller
· Designed FET Drive and Rippled Controller
· Designed Lowe and High Frequency Noise Filtering Circuit
· Designed Remote Control Module and Control System
· Design Smart App through Bluetooth and WIFI
Power line Communication · Design RF transmitter-receiver circuit and control board
· Designed AC-DC power line communication circuit and blocking filter
· Designed various sensor-utilizing circuits
· Designed various PWM/Timer/Motion Controller Module
· Designed digital integration circuit using FPGA and CPLD
· Designed Atmel/Microchip/AVR/ARM Module based on Micom and firmware
· Designed RS-232,RS-485,RS-422,I2C,WIFI,LAN,USB communication application control module
Establish stable business environment · Non-recourse management
· Maintaining Core Technology & Development
· Continuous Improvement of Management Infrastructure & Development
· Practice Customer Satisfaction and Ethical Management

Technologies of the company (Outsourced Product Development)

  • 1. A request for consultation services
  • 2. Designing system block and verifying it
  • 3. Manufacturing of test bed and verification of its circuit
  • 4. Development of hardware / firmware / software
  • 5. Final system development / manufacturing
  • 6. System test and manufacturing of housing
  • 7. System delivery/installation

Equipment held by the company

Load test equipment / SLIDE-AC
  • Load test equipment · 80V · 160KW · 2000A
  • SLIDE-AC · 6-layer tab · 340V ~ 440V
Welding monitoring system for waveform analysis software (WEM-04) / Portable Osilloscope
  • Multi-type portable monitoring equipment · ARC Current · Voltage · TIG · Feeding speed [4channel]
  • Portable Osilloscope · 200MHz · 4channel
Frequency Counter, portable inspection device for curing temperature history, portable spectrum analyzer.
  • Frequency Counter (FCA3003) · 300MHz/3Ghz, 100ps · Std Timebase
  • Portable inspection device for curing temperature history (AT4532) · Measurable range : -200℃ ~ 1300℃ · Resolution : 0.1℃ · Bandwidth 8
    (Able to get expanded up to bandwidth 128)
  • Portable Spectrum Analyzer (N9340B) · Frequency range : 100KHz ~ 3GHz · DANL : -124 dBm · Sweep time : 10ms ~ 1000s