CELNICS applies electronic and communication technologies based on power line communication technology to the welding equipment field of shipbuilding and plant.R & D company.

Digital CO2 Welding Machine


  • Improve welding quality
  • Improved low current welding characteristics Possible to weld thin plate
  • Output fluctuation ±15% according to input variation ±0.8%
Type Model DINNOS-350A DINNOS-500A DINNOS-600A
Rated output current A 350 500 600
Rated input voltage V 220 / 380V
Rated frequency Hz 50 / 60
Rated input KVA 18.1 32 41
Rated duty rate % 60 60 100
Output current A 60~350 60~350 80~600
Output voltage V 15~36 15~42 16~48
Crater current A 60~350 60~500 80~600
Crater voltage V 15~36 15~42 16~48
Dimensions Mm 300x600x750 460x740x820 550x750x850
Weight kg 115 190 210

Digital Wire Fida

  • With crater function Move Loss Reduction
  • Current / Voltage Monitor Worker Inspection Requirements
  • Input variation ±15% Output fluctuation due to ±0.8% stabilize
Type Model CWF-500A
Current used A Below 500A
Applied wire gauge mm 0.9~1.6
Wire speed M/min 1~15
Weight kg 8.5
Primary features
32 bit CPU equipped The realization of perfect digital care by fast processor speed enabled by using the STM32 family of 32bit ‘Mycom’
Built-in powerful protection circuit Monitoring of overheating, tube current, overvoltage, overcurrent / In-built protection circuit for input power under open-phase condition
Feature as Ark stabilizer Sustain stable input power even when input power varies in the rage of ±15%
Improved Arkstart, Burnback Control Smooth occurrence of Ark and neat welding with the application of Arkstart/End parameters
Outstanding weldability Stable-shaped bid implemented with the application of digital currency, voltage feedback circuits
Real-time welding data interface (optional) With the in-built interface welding conditions can be transmitted online/offline, real-time monitoring enabled
Welding facility use history BAUP feature (optional) The in-built maintenance feature in which the time of use for welding machine is saved according to its context
Working lamp sockets provided (optional) The convenience of night work, with power socket for joining provided

All-in-one Adaptor

All in one structure in which Forced air cooling system using CO2 Gas (saturated at 64℃) and one-touch method of contract are provided.

All-in-one Cable

The realization of existing welting machine features with the sole use of 2 CORE
Located inside CORE gas Loss of external damage
As for a spare line, which have been expanded from the previous 1p to 8p, increased cable life

Bluetooth App

Smart Integrated Management System

Improved quality of welding · Welding currency improved by motor control of feeder part
· Smooth ark start from the application of ark start, burn-back parameters, control of appliances
· No additional changes in welding conditions with the digital remote control
Improved productivity · Welding currency improved by motor control of feeder part
· Sockets for joining such as LED work supported through wire feeder
· Remote controller provided
· Able to adjust crater voltage/currency through feeder.
· Adjustment based on production environment enabled by the equipment of DB for welding conditions
· Reduced working hours with the improved adapter for contracting
Cost Reduction · Purchase unit price for single cable reduced by 10%, purchasing cost reduced by 70%, cost for adapter replacement reduced by 50%
· The minimization of Loss with main body of welding machine, cable failure rate
Prevention of safety-related accidents · Support for electric shock with DC power LED work lamp socket
· Prevention of muscular skeletal diseases with the weight lightning
Efficient asset management · An in-built feature of managing equipment use history (equipment number, operation time, net welding time, saved in DB)
· Provide an interlocking RFID feature